Tip Of The Iceberg

In an attempt to save some money we decided to cook dinner at home. I went to the local supermarket where I discovered one of the reasons why America has such a reputation for unhealthy eating, almost all of the fruit and veg was very rather pricey. The most ludicrous example was $4 for an iceberg lettuce, $4 for the most common yet least exciting of all the lettuces(I know the world of lettuce can get pretty darn exciting). I’ll say it again ludicrous.
Potatoes were fairly cheap however so I settled on sausage and mash, upon returning home I discovered that we did not have a peeler. Slightly sharper than a butter knife, knife to the rescue. Mostly due to the lack of sharpness to the blade I managed to peel the potatoes without cutting any of my fingers, fairly pleased with myself I began cooking. Thirty minutes later I discovered we were also lacking a masher. Five minutes of aggressive work with a fork and dinner was ready. We had achieved our $10 each budget day in NYC.


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