Central Parks and Recreation

Do do, do do, do do, do do, dododo,
Do do, dadada do, dadada do, dadada do, dadada do,
Do do, dadada do do, dadada do do dadada do do, dadada do do, dadada do do,
Da da, dadadadadada, da da da da, da-da, da-da da-da da-da, da.

OK I’ll start by apologising to pretty much everyone reading this for that nonsense, but I’m hoping at least one person has the parks & recs theme song in there head now (I’m looking at you Greame. )

I was pretty aware that central Park is really big and really pretty but I was still taken aback by its size and beauty, I went three separate times and still didn’t see all of it. Walking through the park around the many ponds, lakes, fountains and flowers you forget that your in the center of the craziness that is NYC.

There was always stuff going on ranging from your basic busker with a guitar to a full on marching band. We watched this marching band (complete with flag dancers) from start to finish. They were brilliant, but the best bit was categorising the three types of dancer.

1: Concentration 

Some of the dancers where clearly focusing very hard on what they were doing, unfortunately this lead to their faces looking like they were having a horrible time and really didn’t want to be there.

2: Cheer leaders

Several of the dancers displayed the typical American cheer leader face, they would be concentrating but when they finished a move would snap their head to the crowd and produce the cheesiest smile

3: Sass

A couple of the dancers looked like they were having the best time ever, one in particular who Laura identified as her favourite because she had ” so much sass”

Flushing meadows

The problem with using a combination of Google maps and a NY metro map to navigate and just aiming for the big green bits is that I often find myself on the wrong side of a fence or wall. I encountered this issue as I visited the massive flushing meadows Park in Queens. After a 40 minute journey on the metro I headed to what I thought was the bottom of the park only to find it was indeed fenced off. Balls. I walked along the path next to the fence for ten minutes until I found an entrance through the fence, there was an official NY parks and recreation sign so I wasn’t just climbing through a hole in the fence but 30 seconds down the path I was greeted with this…

One of those pallets completely sunk under the water when I stepped on it, it was all quite exciting like a forrest version  of takeshi Castle but the further along I went the more secluded and wild it became and I went again began to worry I was going to stumble accros a gang hideout or a drug den. Fortunately the path eventually became better maintained and looped all the way around a massive resivour.

After successfully circling the resivour and finding my way out I made it to flushing meadows Park proper. This was the site of the 1964 world fair and I spent the entire time thinking of the Simpsons episode where Bart visited an old worlds fair site. Unfortunately I didn’t find a wig emporium like he did.



Here’s some clarification on the opening to this post:


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