Pop, Six, Squish, Uh uh, Cicero, Lipschitz!

”What I don’t like about small planes is that you can feel and hear every little thing ” Lucie told me as we boarded our rather small plane in D.C and she was correct. The takeoff was considerably more bumpy than I’m used to, and little bits of turbulence throughout the flight felt much worse than they were, but after two slightly bumpy hours and a pretty wobbly descent we landed safely in Chicago. We ordered an Uber and ten minutes later we got in with our very friendly driver and were on our way, this was looking like our most straightforward journey of the trip but after 15 minutes everything started to fall apart…

1st: The drivers phone indicated that the journey had been canceled.

2nd: The driver asks us to reselect the journey, but at this point we don’t have WiFi and don’t really fancy paying roaming changes to use mobile data.

3rd: I spot a Starbucks in the service station we pulled into and suggest we go to it and ”borrow” their WiFi.

4th: After successful connecting to Starbucks wifi we can’t find the driver on Uber

5th: Turns out we could find the driver it’s just different to who we had before… Yep we had gotten into the wrong Uber. Balls. In our defense it was the same make of car, the drivers looked very similar and when we got in Lucie said her name and he said it back and said yes (turns out he actually said Judy, but it sure sounded like Lucie).

6th: After lots of confused conversing we agreed to forget about the last 15 minutes and start again, so the driver turned the car around and drove us in the right direction this time, to our hotel.

Whoever you are Judy I’m very sorry for screwing you over, I hope we didn’t cause you too much hassle.

At check in we were told that there was  complementary prosseco every day between five and six, at their social hour in the lobby. Every Day! Free prosseco every day, this hotel is awesome. After settling into our room we went down for the aforementioned prosecco and headed out for dinner. After a short walk we spotted a restaurant with a rooftop dining area, the sun was still out and it was pretty warm so it looked like a lovely place to eat. Literally the second we sat down a few raindrops started to fall we made a quick decision to move inside and within minutes it was pouring down, trapping four people who didn’t move quickly enough huddled under a parasol. Our waiter was very friendly and was helpfully telling us things to do and see in chicago when he got a little overenthusiastic and knocked over his tray, smashing several plates on the floor. Not a single person shouted WHHHAY!!!! I’m definitely enjoying the lack of LADS LADS LADS on this trip.

The next day we explored Chicago millennium park to see Cloud Gate (the bean) which is very cool, it’s quite funny watching everyone (ourselves included) walking towards it trying to find where their reflection is.

We also wandered to Buckingham fountain which is pretty impressive, shooting a jet if water 46 meters into the air. As we made our way back to the hotel


2017-06-06 21.51.17

As we made our way back to the joyel we walked along next to my favourite Chicago feature, Lake Michigan.


It’s incredibly picturesque, it’s super blue, it’s ginormous so it might as well be an ocean, it’s fresh water and this waterfront is only ten minutes from the center of downtown Chicago. I bloody love it.

After some Googling Lucie got very excited that Cavalia Odysseo was in town, I’m guessing most of you have the same question I did ”What is Cavalia Odysseo?”  Lucie described it like cirque du soleil but with horses, or if I couldn’t picture that, it was like horse ballet. I was not convinced, and fairly confused by the concept but Lucie was very excited so we bought tickets to the clippity clop ballet.


Turns out the excitement was justified, the show was amazing. I can’t really do it justice in writing but I’ll try to describe some of the highlights:

A series of trick riders doing various spinning, jumping and standing tricks on top of horses running around in a circle, ending with the last guy crawling underneath the horse and back round to the saddle while the horse was galloping. It was ludicrous , I literally don’t know how he didn’t end up a trampled mess on the floor.

A woman stood in the center of the stage with nine horses riding around her, she did several tricks with them such as getting them to all change direction, forming a small circle around her, forming a line and resting their heads on each other’s necks (super cute) it was all very impressive but she ended by having them all galloping in a big circle and with a single command all nine horses did a 360 degree spin at the same time and continued galloping, she said the command again and they all span again. HOW DO YOU TRAIN NINE HORSES TO SPIN AT THE SAME TIME AT YOUR COMMAND. It was insane.

I’m sure Rugrat is wondering if their was any dressage and there was indeed but I’m not quite sure it was up to his standard… But it was in water!

There were tons more of other horse related tricks, gymnastics and trapeze work. The entire thing was set to fantastic live music.

I must say that so far you are killing it Chicago I’m excited to see what else you have to offer.


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