G’day Gary

Saturday morning

It was the wettest day in NY so far,  hammering it down with no indication of stopping.
It was the most hungover day in NY so far, my head was hammering with no indication of stopping.

The previous night…

It was Friday night and not only was it Laura and Sally’s last night in NY, Lucie had been given a promotion at work, we thought we should celebrate. We settled into the upstairs bar of an Irish pub and ordered our drinks, I successfully smashed out a Guinness challenge and despite the fact it would have been 3am in England sent out a bragging watts app message and was rewarded with some drunken replys.


After a few more drinks the idea of shots was floated in conversation, we ordered four crowd favourite ‘good shots’ of lemoncello, as the barman laid the shots down he declared they were on the house. Apparently he liked us, because after enquiering we found out they would normally cost $10 each!! IMG-20170519-WA0000Thank you very much Peter the barman. Eventually, after several more drinks courtesy of Laura shouting ”again ” at us every time our drinks were empty, and some cheap tequilla the upstairs bar shut and we moved downstairs. At this point memory becomes pretty blurred but I think these pictures quite nicely sum up our state at the time.

Back to Saturday morning…

Perhaps this was not the ideal day for a literary bar crawl around Greenwich village but it was too late for second thoughts as we’d booked in advance. We pulled ourselves together and ventured to the metro, coats on and umbrellas up.
We arrived at the first pub and were greeted by our guide Kurt, as we introduce ourselves we were also joined by an Australian in his 60s called Gary. Turns out it was only the three of us on the tour and at this point a little bit of me started to doubt the trip. `Elen this was a lovely gesture but what the hell kind of gift have you given me…`
Turns out it was a great gift, Kurt was very funny and friendly and took us to several different bars with a walk around the area between each one. He gave us a comprehensive and entertaining history of the bars, the neighbourhood, famous writers, actors and in one case a president who used to drink there. At a few points he burst into recitels of poems written by some of the authors, it was all pretty impressive.

When the tour came to an end we asked if he could recommend somewhere to eat and he took us to a lovely little place. Gary asked if he could join us so we had a slightly odd lunch date with him and mostly discussed the oddities of America from the point of view of three disorientated foreigners. We also discovered that Gary has one of the most Australian jobs ever… He works as a producer on Neighbours.